Friday, March 29, 2013

C Proxy - Manage Your Internet Sharing ...

Dear in order to make your computer a server, you must install a server application on your computer. One such application is C-PROXY, which you can download from any site. It converts the local machine into a server which in turn serves the request for other machines known as client machines.

1. Installing C-proxy

Download the setup file by searching on Google. Install it by double click, click on install button, click yes on the agreement box and final click on next to completely install it.

2. Configuring server machine

1. Open C-PROXY click on preference tab.
2. Select IP list tab and add the IP addresses of the computers to which you want to distribute internet which are known as clients.For example if your IP address is and you want to distribute internet to computers with IP addresses, and so add,,,, in IP list item.
3. Click on apply and close C-PROXY. 

3. Configuring client machines.

No C-PROXY application is required for clients or computers you want to connect to your computer. But you need to configure your internet browser. I have listed all setting for various browsers.
Microsoft Internet explorer
1. Open tools – internet options.
2. Select connections page and select your internet connection. 
3. In proxy server put with port number as 3128.
4. Click on advanced button and set the use same proxy setting for all protocols.
5. Click on OK. 

Mozilla Firefox
1. Open tools and then option tab.
2. Open advanced tab.
3. Click on network page.
4. Click on settings option and choose manual proxy option.
In HTTP proxy protocol write address: 
Port: 3128.
6. Check the use this proxy server for all protocols item.
7. Press OK button. 

Google Chrome: 
1. Open options tab. 
2. Select the under the hood page.
3. Click the change proxy settings button.
4. Make address as and port as 3128.
5. Click on the OK button. 
6. Restart browser.

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