Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Video Demonstrates how we can Secretly Change the Windows password without even Knowing the Original password of any User. Its just Command Prompt Trick. If by means you get access to Command Prompt while Using others Computer you can Simply Change his / her password and give him a Surprise.

This Technique can be Used Breaking into host computers. Just try Using CMD Tricks (in Windows Startup Repair Option) and you are done hacking with the Computer.

  • Type CMD in Run window and Press Enter.
  • Now type NET USER. (you can now see the Users Name) 
  • Now type NET USER "USER NAME" * .
    (the quotes should be removed , in the above Video USER NAME is RUDRAKSH)
  • Now type the Desired Password and Confirm it.
  • Now you are done. Reboot and login with your Desired Password.
    (Leaving a blank password will Remove Password and requires no password for Login)

Note : Using this Technique will alerts the User regarding the tampering done with windows. (SO KINDLY DON'T USE IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY. YOU CAN BE EASILY CAUGHT).